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Do You Pee When You Lift?

Do you pee when you lift?  Me too!  I repped the maxi pad in heavy squat, clean, and deadlift sessions.  (Where’s the Super-Heavy-With-Wings-For-Lifters commercial?) But guess what, my friend?  I haven’t used a feminine product in a workout in months. Why am I telling you this?  Because I’m tired of the talk around pelvic floor… Continue reading Do You Pee When You Lift?

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The Best Way to Kickstart Your Diet with a Cleanse

Have you been a bully to your body and is it time to give it some TLC?  As always, the first step is admitting there’s a change to be made.  You’ve done that!  We’re going to get you lean and mean and confident enough to be jumping off waterfalls in a booty-bearing bikini in no… Continue reading The Best Way to Kickstart Your Diet with a Cleanse

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Balanced Nutrition: Bullshit or Legit?

Contrary to popular belief, being out-of-balance is a freaking beautiful thing. It’s… That new relationship that makes you neglect other responsibilities because you’re absolutely fascinated with the human being you’ve just met. Pouring your heart and soul into building your baby business until its grown into something that lets you live the lifestyle of your dreams.… Continue reading Balanced Nutrition: Bullshit or Legit?

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The Corpse Pose at the End of your WOD Isn’t Enough

This blog isn’t for every athlete – it’s for certain kinds of lifters. the lifter spending 20-40 minutes before a training session smashing the shit out of his shoulders just to get into a decent snatch position. the fitness fanatic whose mind wanders between sets in training or lifts at a meet, distracted by her phone… Continue reading The Corpse Pose at the End of your WOD Isn’t Enough

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Why It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight

A woman starts on a weight loss journey and sees solid results for about two weeks – maybe losing 5 lbs even! Then, one cold, bitter morning (usually after she’s worked super hard in a workout and eaten perfectly the day before), she steps on that evil mechanism, and it’s jumped up two lbs. And her stomach sinks into her feet and her brains explode out from the top of her head because she’s been doing everything right. How could this possibly happen?