Dream Life Design

Are you…

  • hungry to help people?
  • excited to experience life fully?
  • dying to connect deeply?

We’ve got you, sister or bro!

Meet us: Rana, Brittney, and Jess!

We’re running another round of our Dream Life Design program starting in May 9, 2018, and we think you might be the ideal candidate to join us on a journey towards living life fully-expressed!

If we’ve piqued your curiosity…

Here’s What We’ll Cover in our 8 Weeks Together

Week One: Self-Awareness

  • Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question, “Who the **** am I?” (Before this program, we didn’t either!)
  • It’s time to take control of your identity instead of letting life and others determine who you are!

Week Two: Love Your Body

  • Let’s face it! We could all use a little more self-love!
  • We’ll dig deep into what it feels like to be in your bod, and transform your experience from one of guilt, shame, and condemnation into one of love, joy, and acceptance!

Week Three: Mindfulness and Flow

  • Did we lose you already? If so, that’s okay! We’ll cover an intro to meditation and staying in the moment.

Week Four: Goal-Setting

  • We’ll introduce you to goal-setting strategies that emerge from a wellspring of inspiration!
  • You’ll make 2018 your most epic year yet!

Week Five: Choose the Bigger Life

  • Ever heard of a Bucket List? We’re gonna make one, and start scratching things off right away!
  • Consider yourself your own “Yes Woman!” (or man). It’s gonna be an adventure. 😉

Week Six: Make, Manifest, and Manage Money

  • Can I get a “Hell Yes!” for having the financial freedom to live your dream life?
  • We’ll combine practical strategies with metaphysical principles to help you align with the financial abundance that’s been waiting for you all along.


Do we already have you sold? Email us at info@idealisticisabel.com with the subject, “Hell Yes, Dream Life Design!” to learn how to hang out with us in this online 8-week program!

Week Seven: Life Missions and 1-Year Visions

  • Gain more clarity than ever about what you’re here to accomplish in this life, and how you can get started this year.

Week Eight: Be Vulnerable

  • True connection can only happen when we show up in our rawest form.
  • We’ll help you learn how to unmask yourself to reveal your most moving (and currently hidden) beauty, fearlessly.

For the first time ever, we’re also including a Do-It-Yourself Summer Guide with 5 weeks of bonus content for you to do at your own pace throughout July and August.

You can stay on with a private coach supporting you through the summer material, or you can make it into your own solo-adventure within.

Here’s what you’ll get in your Do-It-Yourself Summer Guide:

Week Nine: Transform Your Relationship With Time

  • Do you catch yourself saying things like, “I don’t have time for that”?
  • We’ll help you transform your relationship with time from one of lack to one of abundance.
  • You’ll feel empowered by, and in control of, time instead of bound by it, and suffering from not having enough.

Week Ten: Maximizing your Creativity

  • The best artists, writers, and musicians all have strategies to release their creative work into the world.
  • You’re an artist, too! And we’re here to help you remember that.
  • You’ll unlock dormant creativity to realize your unique purpose.

Week Eleven: Morning and Bedtime Routines

  • Learn why one hour after waking and one hour before bed are the most precious times of the day.
  • Develop rituals to set you up for success and rewrite your super-powerful subconscious beliefs.

Week Twelve: Getting Through Hard Times

  • They happen: hard times are a part of life meant to be experienced fully. 
  • We’ll equip you with the tools and team necessary to emerge from the lows triumphantly, and even more you.

Week Thirteen: Never Stop Learning

  • Reflect on your transformation over the past twelve weeks, and open up to future opportunities for yourself you never imagined possible.
Ready to embark on an adventure with us?

Email us at info@idealisticisabel.com with the subject, “Hell Yes, Dream Life Design!” to secure your spot!

Don’t wait! There are only TEN spots available and this round is expected to fill up fast!

Hope to see you there, Light Worker!


Brittney, Rana, and Jess