You can have the body you want, and you can perform at the level you want.

I’m here to help.

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I love seeing people reach their unique health and fitness goals, and I want to help you achieve yours.

Email us with the subject “Hell Yes, Movement” at for more info about how we’ll help you achieve all of your movement goals!

I’ll take into account your goals and current limitations and set you on a path to success with me invested as your custom coach, cheerleader, and/or drill sergeant.  Want to train in a basement with your body weight?  I can make you a program for that!  Want to learn to lift weights when you never have before?  I can teach you!


“I sure can tell that I’m starting to tone in all the right places. I am able to wear shirts that are more fitted, my butt is more firm, I’m stronger, and I’m starting to see definition in my legs and I’ve only been doing this for a month!  My bikini is starting to look better on me…

…I am really enjoying the workouts!  I really like the variety!   I’m excited to be back in the gym and loving it again. I was getting really bored with my old workout routine and I eventually stopped going regularly to the gym. I really had to push myself to go. With this program I can’t wait to get to the gym. I have no problem getting here at 5:00am before a day shift and then working 12 hours, or getting here before or after my night shifts. When working my night shifts I may be a bit tired when I get up but once I’m at the gym my energy level changes. I would have to say that my energy level has always been good because I have always focused on getting lots of rest but I would have to say it’s even better now. I’ve been feeling really good…

…I looking forward to seeing more results in the next few weeks.” – Shellie


Jess had a goal of getting lean, and then building muscle.  I can help you towards whatever goal you have.

Email us with the subject “Hell Yes, Movement” at for more info, now!

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