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How to Stay Strong in Weak Nutrition Moments

Have you ever been in any of these scenarios?

You’re on a night shift and your company has a Choco-Closet (an unlocked vending machine for employees that operates on the honour system)
You’re at home visiting mom, and her house is better stocked with candy than a 711-convenience store
You’ve made it home after an exhausting day, and your significant other brings in a grocery-bag of packaged goodies

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Be Your Own Hero

It wasn’t easy for me to become my own hero, and it didn’t happen over night. It took a whole lot of courage and telling my ego to hit the road! I had to allow myself to look inward and be vulnerable.

See, here’s the thing. We control our story. We govern what we believe about ourselves. We can believe we are doomed, unworthy, and sit back and let life happen to us.