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4+ Ways to Stop Your Mind from Limiting Your Max

If you and your competitor walk up to the same barbell with the same genetics and the same amount and quality of training, recovery, and nutrition, but if your competitor has a stronger mind, knows how to channel positive emotion and ward off the negative when it comes time to compete, and has spiritual beliefs pulsating through their veins when yours are not, who do you think has a better chance of successfully making the lift? Here are 4+ ways to get strong in every sense of the word.

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Why I Still Respect Christmas Abbott

The recent attention to the sexualization of women in CrossFit (and sport in general) is important, but I think it is missing the point. Current articles attribute the success of people like Christmas Abbott to their good looks, and blame women who promote their bodies for perpetuating inequality, stating that they are harming themselves and society. Writing suggests men also play a role in the process, stating we all have a responsibility in breaking the cycle.

True: inequality affects and is preserved by humankind, however, people don’t wait in line for hours to meet the gorgeous Christmas Abbott just because she is hot as hell (OK – not everyone in that line is standing there for that reason) – there is more to it than that, and I admonish you to dig deeper. Although Christmas’ beauty and bodacious booty are definitely assets (and she exploits them fully), this is only one aspect of the three-dimensional being she showcases to the world.

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Forget Nuclear Family Norms: 4 Teachings from Mom and Dad’s Garage

I was the MC for my friend’s wedding recently, and after I had spent the whole night gushing (between speeches) about what a perfect match the couple was, I shared this little tale of my own troubles, “Thanks so much for listening me talk all night! It has been such a pleasure, and I wanted… Continue reading Forget Nuclear Family Norms: 4 Teachings from Mom and Dad’s Garage

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Top 10 Tips to Being a Fierce Single Female, while Attracting Your Perfect Soul Mate

This week on we feature the writing of wellness coach Lou-anne Stefankiw. Lou-anne has had an incredible journey and answers the concerns so many single women have, “Will I ever find him?” “Am I allowed to have a ‘dream man’?” Read on to discover her secrets to being a fierce single woman while attracting your perfect match.

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Here’s to All Those Who Care Too Much

Is it possible to care too much? Maybe. However, it’s only those who forget themselves in Care.  Compassion.  Obsession who breach the boundaries of present possibilities and chop the chains that bind Humanity’s hands. It’s the humanitarians who allow themselves to be harnessed by heartbreak and then – it’s astounding really! – They manage to… Continue reading Here’s to All Those Who Care Too Much