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#girlswholift: 3 Reasons I Support Your Booty Pics (or Lack Thereof)

Why the pornographication of lifting might not be the worst thing ever.

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You Don’t Have to be Fluffy All Your Life

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re doing everything right, and then look in the mirror and not see the reflection you want. It doesn’t have to be this way – you don’t have to be fluffy for the rest of your life! You can make small daily changes to the amount of certain foods you’re eating, tweak your training regime, and learn to be patient, and before you know it you’ll be posing for a photoshoot in a bikini holding a barbell in your hands.

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Stop Fearing the Holiday Scale: Have your Holidays, and Eat too! (Part 1)

Learn how to set realistic standards over the holidays so you don’t end up starting your day off with three shortbread cookies for breakfast and launching yourself into a day of zero willpower followed by a cheese ball for lunch, pumpkin pie for a mid-afternoon snack, and coffee-and-Bailey’s on tap all day. You can enjoy these things and keep the number on the scale constant.

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Why I Still Respect Christmas Abbott

The recent attention to the sexualization of women in CrossFit (and sport in general) is important, but I think it is missing the point. Current articles attribute the success of people like Christmas Abbott to their good looks, and blame women who promote their bodies for perpetuating inequality, stating that they are harming themselves and society. Writing suggests men also play a role in the process, stating we all have a responsibility in breaking the cycle.

True: inequality affects and is preserved by humankind, however, people don’t wait in line for hours to meet the gorgeous Christmas Abbott just because she is hot as hell (OK – not everyone in that line is standing there for that reason) – there is more to it than that, and I admonish you to dig deeper. Although Christmas’ beauty and bodacious booty are definitely assets (and she exploits them fully), this is only one aspect of the three-dimensional being she showcases to the world.

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How to Spice up your Treadmill Workout and Sweeten your Results (with 6 Example Workouts to do Just That)

Are you someone who regularly hits the treadmill day in and day out, regardless of the dramas of everyday life? Maybe it is your way to destress after a daunting day at work? I commend you! Consistency is the key to results and you’ve already championed that area! However, what if I told you, you… Continue reading How to Spice up your Treadmill Workout and Sweeten your Results (with 6 Example Workouts to do Just That)