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Escape the Training Grind: Remember Your Love for Lifting

By Brittney Bergen Are you past the stage of getting newb gainz, and at the part where your training feels like a grind? That’s where I’ve been the last two years.  This is what my workouts felt like.  Can you relate? Like a Painful Means to an End Although now I’m a weightlifter, I used to… Continue reading Escape the Training Grind: Remember Your Love for Lifting

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4+ Ways to Stop Your Mind from Limiting Your Max

If you and your competitor walk up to the same barbell with the same genetics and the same amount and quality of training, recovery, and nutrition, but if your competitor has a stronger mind, knows how to channel positive emotion and ward off the negative when it comes time to compete, and has spiritual beliefs pulsating through their veins when yours are not, who do you think has a better chance of successfully making the lift? Here are 4+ ways to get strong in every sense of the word.