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Tough and Tender aren’t Mutually Exclusive

“This is my sister, Brittney. She can deadlift 342 lbs and I once saw her bite the head off of a cobra.” My sister Sandy always introduces me (with a pretty straight face) this way.

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Preserving Humanity in a Glass(ford)

A few weeks ago I was suffering from a pretty minor illness (pneumonia) and was frustrated when I couldn’t get as many things done as I wanted. That’s when I thought of my good friend, Alyssa Glassford, who has been through a lot more significant distresses (in life and in health) than what I was… Continue reading Preserving Humanity in a Glass(ford)

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9 Swift Lessons We Can Learn from Taylor

Get out your red lipstick and high-waists, ladies, but more importantly take a Swift lesson and develop fierce focus, surround yourself with your own sisterhood, and let the haters try to hate as you manage to do what few can: constantly evolve while remaining right with yourself and developing classic staying-power.